What a year indeed..

All of a sudden, its almost December.  Where did the year go?  What happened to the dreaded 2020?  It is quickly coming to an end.   We have been through so much.  Some of us have endured more than the fair share that we feel should be given to us.   We have dealt with a serious, very long lockdown.  Some of us deprived of basic things, like the privilege to see our kids, our parents, even our husbands or wives.  There are families that were split up, due to borders all over the world being closed.  There are many who lost their income, many of those are exhibitors.  Some, had to suffer without alcohol and cigarettes.  Some had to bury a loved one in a time where a funeral with family and friends, and the comfort of hugs and kisses, turned into an alien event, with only the closest of close family and friends, and no tea and sandwiches.  Almost no comfort.  However it may be, we were all in the same boat.  And still are.  The waters are still rocky and we still feel unsure about the future.

But somehow we survived.  And somehow we are still coping in this new life that has been created for us. 

On the Meelbroeke front, things have escalated to a level never seen before.  We are overwhelmed by the support and love for this comfort that you have come to know.  More and more items are shipped abroad and are worn in faraway places like New Caledonia and Wales.  Lots going to Australia and New Zealand, the US.  To South Africans that long for their country and to foreigners that seek to feel the love and colour on their skin.  We thank you for that!

A few new shops in South Africa are now stocking Meelbroeke, we are chuffed with the positive feedback they, and us, are getting.  Check out the Retailers Page for a retailer close to you.

Please support the myriad of local markets that has sprung up since the mega festivals like Innibos, Aardklop, Vryfees and more has been cancelled.  We are unsure of the future of these festivals, but hopeful that 2021 will bring them back, bigger and with even more to offer.  The village markets, all over South Africa are well supported and it’s great to be in touch with Meelbroek lovers all over the country.  We advertise some of them on our Facebook Page and Instagram account and we also send out broadcast messages on WhatsApp.  If you do not receive such messages (only once a week!), and want to stay in the loop, please join our Facebook Group, follow us on Instagram or email me your mobile number.

I am doing some markets in Pretoria from time to time so have a look on Facebook for the time and place.  Come say hello, I would love to meet you.

Keep good faith that in the end, all will be well.  Love abundantly and wear a Meelbroek.  Life is still good.

Love you all


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