After an interesting look at what happens in November all over the world, I discovered that 4 November is Use Your Common Sense Day.   Now since we all know that it is common sense that everyone should own some Snowflake or Bokomo items, whether it is a cargo, baggie, dress, dungaree or apron, I thought it appropriate that there should be not one, but two competitions, because it is also Movember!

This is how it will be done:

1. You are asked to upload photos on our Instagram account Meelbroeke, or Facebook Page Meelbroeke. 

2. Let’s keep the Common Sense photos for the ladies and Movember for the men, for obvious reasons. 

3. Upload images for Common Sense on the 4th of November 2019, else it will not be taken into consideration.

4. One Common Sense female winner will be announced on 6 November 2019 on all platforms. R100 shipping included in the prize.

5. Closing date for Movember photos is 01 December 2019. You have a month to grow that irresistible Meelbroek moustache or beard!

6. One Movember male winner will be announced on 2 December 2019 on all platforms.  R100 shipping included in the prize.

7. You have to wear ONE Bokomo or Snowflake garment on the photo that you upload.

8. The prize will be the same item that you are wearing on the photo, in a colour of your choice, from the Bokomo or Snowflake colour range.

9. Credit will be given for creativity, or the place where the photo was taken.  (There should be something in the photo that is typical of such a place, or a name that makes it recognizable.)

Get those creative juices flowing and show us interesting ways to wear it, or where to be seen with the most comfortable clothing known to human kind!  Remember that we will be using it on our social media pages as well as website. 

Other news is that there will be an opportunity to get yourself a Meelbroek on 2 November 2019, we are at the KAAPSEHOOP MARATHON, at Mbombela Stadium, where the athletes start the run.  And to top it all off, the super great, long awaited news is that Snowflake will be available in Kaapsehoop at the Kaapsehoop Scootours Office.   

Another reminder of the shops where Snowflake is available:

Pongola : Just Blossom

Bloemfontein : Blomkind Hippie Shop, Langenhovenpark    Blomkind Hippieshop Facebook Page

Struisbaai : Beach Bliss, by Aida

Kaapsehoop : Kaapsehoop Scootours Office  Kaapsehoop Scootours Facebook Page

Shaka’s Rock : TASPA “The Hippie Shop”  TASPA “The Hippie Shop” Facebook Page

Piketberg : Total Winkelshoek N7  Total Winkelshoek

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