Don a Dungaree!

How fast did this year go!?  Half of it is gone and it feels like there is someone pushing us from behind to just go….go…..go….. Remember how scared we were when we were young and had to go somewhere in the dark on our own?  You tried to run as fast as you can, and still there was this feeling of someone so close behind you, that you could almost feel their breath in your neck.  It feels like that for me, faster……..faster!  And yet, it is slow season and we need to slow down. 

However, at Meelbroeke, things are still sometimes going so fast that we cannot keep up!  Just the other day we were only making supas and baggies, almost tripping over our feet to produce enough for the nation to wear.  And the next moment its cargos and long dungarees!  How wonderful is it that Meelbroeke is able to give you something for every season and all in between? 

The long dungarees are the talk of the town at the moment, comfortable and warm and very, very trendy.  Made of a slightly thicker fabric than the rest of the garments, it is the perfect companion this winter.  The more you wash them, the softer they become and the more you will want to wear them and the softer they become the more……well you get it!  Have a look on the Retailers Page for a retailer close to you or order online!

Back home, we are stocking up on all garments, colouring and busy with all the shenanigans that put a quality product in your shopping bag!  Dyeing these garments in all the beautiful colours is quite a task, but here at Meelbroeke, we believe that we should look after our planet.  So your favourite item is made from 100% cotton, it is the strongest cotton available as it is not bleached.  Bleaching weakens the fabric and of course, as you can imagine, with the bleaching process a lot of chemicals are used.  When we treat the fabric, we recycle water, sometimes up to 4 times to do our part in saving water.  We also have a tank and we use rainwater when it is available.  Then…..the magic happens!  All our clothing is dried in the warm South African sun!  There is just no substitute to the real deal.  So there you have it!  A pure South African product, made, dyed and dried under the blue South African sky.  Why would you NOT want one?  Go, you need another pair and you know it!

With the current state of things, there are only a few markets operating here and there – and we miss seeing you!  But we see more and more emails coming in of bigger markets and even festivals confirming new dates, mostly from October onwards.  We as exhibitors pray that this will finally be the start of some normality for us.  And we know that you are missing the festivals too.  Good music, good food and goodies to buy. J

Back to those childhood fears.  Although we feel pressed to move in a direction, we should know that it is important take a deep breath and slow down.  CoViD has taken many things from us, but it cannot take our faith in life, in living and in moving forward at our own comfortable pace.  It cannot take away our faith that everything, in the end, will be well.  It cannot take our faith in the Father that has all this taken care of.

So…….take time to see nature around us taking a rest.  And try to not be hurried by the “thing” behind you, whatever it might be.  After all, we are all venturing towards the unknown future.  You are not alone.

Hope to see you soon at a market or festival.  Keep an eye on the Facebook Page Meelbroeke.

Much love


Die Snowflake-werf

Dis middernagdonker, die lekker stil tyd van die dag en die ideale tyd om bietjie tyd te maak vir ‘n skrywe op die werf.  Die webwerf.  Tog, baie soos ‘n plaaswerf, is die Meelbroeke werf ‘n besige plek!

Die groot nuus hierdie jaar is dat ons troue gehou het!  Jip, ons eie Thomas, Sosiale Media Bestuurder, en sy Dienkie is op 21 Februarie getroud, ná ‘n warrelwind-verlowing op 25 Desember 2020!  Ons moes spring om alles gedoen te kry, maar ons het dit gedoen!  Geniet die klompie fotos wat ons opsit, Snowflake was ook daar…..en waar dan beter om te trou as by Snowflake in Potchefstroom?  Elke oomblik ‘n meesterstuk!  ‘n Mooier bruid kon ons beswaarlik kry en die bruidegom…..deftig!

Die Meelbroek-span het nie stilgesit in die laaste paar maande nie en jy kan nou soveel meer as net broeke kry!  Behalwe rokkies en dungarees, het die reeks uitgebrei en sluit nou ook oulike rafelrand-hoedjies á la plaaswerf, in!  En ná baie navrae, ook hemde, sommer vir oor die kop gooi gemak.  Dit alles is te sien by die fotos.  Maak seker op die Sizes blad dat die afmetings reg is vir jou!  Moenie dink dat dit hier gaan eindig nie, die jonges op die Snowflake-werf het planne wat nie einde het nie!

Daar was ‘n paar veranderinge wat winkels betref, en ‘n paar nuwes het by gekom.  Gaan kyk gerus op die Retailers blad vir een naby jou.  Vir Pretoria is daar ‘n belangrike aankondiging – daar is ‘n winkel in Irene Village Mall wat verskeie uitstallers se goedere aanhou, ondersteun die winkel asseblief, die gebrek aan feeste laat ‘n groot leemte in ons lewens.

Dit gesê, is daar letterlik honderde klein markte wat reg oor die land opskiet.  Ekself doen heelwat van hierdie markte in die Pretoria en Laeveld, maar die Meelbroek handelaars word aangemoedig om dit ook te doen.  Gaan kuier gerus by die markte. 

Dankie vir jou liefde vir die produk, dankie vir jou volgehoue ondersteuning en geselsies by die markte, dit maak my hart warm om te weet dat julle só gemaklik voel in ons produk.  My deur is altyd oop vir ‘n kuier of ‘n vinnige “hallo” op WhatsApp.  Ek hoop om sommer baie meer van julle te hoor.

Geniet die troufotos – en kom kuier by ‘n mark!



What a year indeed..

All of a sudden, its almost December.  Where did the year go?  What happened to the dreaded 2020?  It is quickly coming to an end.   We have been through so much.  Some of us have endured more than the fair share that we feel should be given to us.   We have dealt with a serious, very long lockdown.  Some of us deprived of basic things, like the privilege to see our kids, our parents, even our husbands or wives.  There are families that were split up, due to borders all over the world being closed.  There are many who lost their income, many of those are exhibitors.  Some, had to suffer without alcohol and cigarettes.  Some had to bury a loved one in a time where a funeral with family and friends, and the comfort of hugs and kisses, turned into an alien event, with only the closest of close family and friends, and no tea and sandwiches.  Almost no comfort.  However it may be, we were all in the same boat.  And still are.  The waters are still rocky and we still feel unsure about the future.

But somehow we survived.  And somehow we are still coping in this new life that has been created for us. 

On the Meelbroeke front, things have escalated to a level never seen before.  We are overwhelmed by the support and love for this comfort that you have come to know.  More and more items are shipped abroad and are worn in faraway places like New Caledonia and Wales.  Lots going to Australia and New Zealand, the US.  To South Africans that long for their country and to foreigners that seek to feel the love and colour on their skin.  We thank you for that!

A few new shops in South Africa are now stocking Meelbroeke, we are chuffed with the positive feedback they, and us, are getting.  Check out the Retailers Page for a retailer close to you.

Please support the myriad of local markets that has sprung up since the mega festivals like Innibos, Aardklop, Vryfees and more has been cancelled.  We are unsure of the future of these festivals, but hopeful that 2021 will bring them back, bigger and with even more to offer.  The village markets, all over South Africa are well supported and it’s great to be in touch with Meelbroek lovers all over the country.  We advertise some of them on our Facebook Page and Instagram account and we also send out broadcast messages on WhatsApp.  If you do not receive such messages (only once a week!), and want to stay in the loop, please join our Facebook Group, follow us on Instagram or email me your mobile number.

I am doing some markets in Pretoria from time to time so have a look on Facebook for the time and place.  Come say hello, I would love to meet you.

Keep good faith that in the end, all will be well.  Love abundantly and wear a Meelbroek.  Life is still good.

Love you all



Meelbroeke fans, we are bursting with excitement!  We have been keeping this secret since February, all the time waiting for the lockdown and the virus to take its time to pass.  And did we wait!! 

All of a sudden, through trial and tribulations, we are in October.  And it is the perfect time to launch PINK SNOWFLAKE because October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Pink Snowflake garments will be available ONLY through the website in October.  For every Pink Snowflake item purchased through the website in October, Meelbroeke will donate 10% of the value to PINKDRIVE.  I will in person equal that for a donation to CANSA.  Because we have received so much, we can give some back! 

If you feel that you can spare a few rands, please join this effort to donate.  Contact me at so we can get the ball rolling!

I would like to thank each and every Meelbroek fan for your continued support through the lockdown.  I am humbled by your love and kind words always.  Markets are popping up everywhere and new shops are added to the Meelbroek family.  Keep an eye on all these happenings on the website and the Facebook Page and Instagram.

And through it all, let us not forget why pink is so important in October!




En daar loop ons die pad nou al amper 100 dae.  Dis ‘n rowwe pad hierdie.  Met klippe en gate en waterpoele en opdraandes en afdraandes.  Meer nog, dit is ‘n onbekende pad.

Ons klomp uitstallers, by feeste soos Innibos, Aardklop, KKNK, en vele meer, ry baie paaie.  Lang paaie en kort paaie, die alternatiewe roetes en meer dikwels die vinnigste roete om by die volgende plek staning te maak.  O, dit is ‘n lekker lewe!  As kind, het gypsies my fassineer.  Die vrye lewe, die karavane, klokkies om die enkels, helder kleure en baie lag en kuier rondom groot vure tot ligdag.  Tot ‘n groot mate, val uitstallers in hierdie kategorie.  Ons is tog maar gypsies, vrydenkendes en travellers.  Grootpad-genieters.  En vanaand, wanneer die besoekers aan ‘n fees huistoe gaan, skop ons die skoene uit en dans, soms denkbeeldig, en soms werklik, die lewe terug in ons moeë voete.

Dit voel nou of ons die hobbelrige pad in ‘n donkiekar aandurf.  En of daar baie doodloopstrate is waarin ons onsself bevind.  Ons sien nie die (pad)tekens altyd so mooi nie. MAAR ons is mense met inisiatief en ons het gespring om planne te beraam om die gate en hobbels te systap!  Tesame met die hulp van sommige feeste en ander platforms, doen die meeste van ons flink besigheid aanlyn.  Ons sal ons nie laat onderkry nie en ons is baie dankbaar vir mense wat ons as uitstallers die geleentheid gee om steeds besigheid te doen deur die moontlikhede daar te stel. 

Op hierdie stadium is daar een wat reeds in werking is, Innibos se BOSWINKEL.  Daar kan jy gaan rondkyk en kuier tussen al die stalletjies.  Onthou dat Innibos se nuwe datum in Desember val – 16-19 Desember 2020.  Moet dit nie mis nie!

Meelbroeke sal op ‘n gereelde basis die lys hier aanvul, soos die platforms beskikbaar word.  Dankie dat jy ons steeds ondersteun, dis waarom ons kan voortgaan!

Ons weet nie wat voorlê nie, maar ons klompie gypsies mis die feeste, die besoekers, die kleure en klokkies en magic! 

Mag ons mekaar gou weer sien!



Who would have thought.

Who would have thought that a flu like none other before would bring the world to its knees.  So quickly and devastating.  So totally creeping into society, not overseeing anyone.  Suddenly there is no difference in social status, no difference in age, political views, skin colour or religion.  It affects us all.  Equally.   

Who would have thought that there will be a day that we will be scared to go to a shop, that people will start buying trolley loads of toilet paper, tinned food, Listerine and not forgetting hand sanitizer!

We are scared to touch, to kiss, we are prohibited to go to large gatherings and to be honest, even small gatherings does not feel like a good idea anymore.  We wear masks and surgical gloves.  Our faces itch but we can not touch it. 

Our world has changed.

For us, living mostly off an income generated by you, the public, at markets and festivals, it is devastating.  We are a bunch of gypsies, travelling from festival to festival, market to market.  We love this way of living, we love YOU as fellow South Africans visiting us where ever we display our things.  We get to know some of you, year after year seeing you at our stalls.

Now it has all stopped.  For the while anyway.  But that means that we have no income and there is an immense load on the shoulders of the event organisers paying back money, stalling their advertising, changing dates and (at this stage) postponing almost everything to the last part of 2020. 

Please understand that I can not even get close to explaining how this has impacted on our lives.  Please be patient with event organisers, please keep us as exhibitors in your prayers, as you are in ours.

Sooner or later this will also end.  But we all know that the world as we knew it is going to be different.  And it will be okey, we will all be okey. 

We will be kissing and hugging our friends again.

We will be standing close again.

We will be laughing without fear again.

We will be at a market or festival again.  This is just another beginning.  It is not the end.

Be safe, be careful.  We love you.




Die jaar spoed voort teen ‘n tempo wat algaande vinniger word. Aan die begin van elke jaar staan ons voor ‘n magdom besluite wat ons moet neem. Maer word om in dáárdie Meelbroek of Meelrokkie te pas, geldjies opsysit om hierdie of daardie spesiale item te koop, na watter skool of kleuterskool my kind moet gaan, en, les bes, hoe kan ék die wêreld vir myself en andere ‘n beter plek maak? Hoe word ek gelukkiger?

Die vinnige antwoord is sekerlik – TREK ‘N MEELBROEK AAN! As jy reeds een of meer het, sal jy die gemak van hierdie klere verstaan, dis aantrek, uittrek, was en weer aantrek! As die wêreld ‘n beter plek kon word deur almal wat Meelbroeke dra, sal ons verseker ‘n verskil kan maak! Lank gelede, in die 1980’s was daar ‘n reeks gesegdes wat die rondte gedoen het, jy sal dit dalk onthou as jy tóé ‘n tienier was. Liefde is…..en dan volg wat ookal nodig was om gesê te word. Liefde is….drukkies, Liefde is….die eerste koppie koffie en so kan ek aangaan. Kussingslope, sleutelhouers en wat nog alles was bedruk met Liefde is…. en kon jy vir jou geliefde ‘n hele rits boodskappe stuur. Ons kan dus aankondig : Liefde is… ‘n Meelbroek aan te trek!

En met ‘n Meelbroek aan jou lyf, watter verskil voel jy? Jip, dis gemaklik. En koel. En cool. En so aan, maar die eintlike geluk lê tog binne die Meelbroek. Die eintlike waarde lê dus binne die Meelsak. As die meel in die Meelsak nie meer gebruik kan word nie, word die sak sommer ook weggegooi.

Ons, hier by Meelbroeke, hoop dat dit wat binne ons klere is, goeie meel is. En wat is meel sonder suurdeeg? Omdat ons uitgesproke oor ons Christenskap is, glo ons dat die suurdeeg van geloof, elkeen van ons (wat die meel is) deurtrek, sodat ons dwarsdeur ons Meelklere as gelowiges geëien kan word. Lukas 13:20-21 “Waarmee kan Ek die koninkryk van God vergelyk? Dit is soos suurdeeg wat ‘n vrou geneem en in twintig kilogram meel ingewerk het totdat dit heeltemal deursuur was.”

Mag elkeen wat hierdie jaar ‘n stalletjie besoek of ‘n Meel-kledingstuk aankoop, die Koninkryk van God deur ons by Meelbroeke, se handeling ervaar. En my wens vir jou is geluk, sodat ook jy deur jou Meelklere die Lig laat skyn. Dít is tog ware geluk!



En toe ons ons oë uitvee, het ons 2020 visie!  Kersfees is verby, ons is boots & all binne-in die nuwe jaar, sommer ‘n lekker ronde getal, dit val maklik op die tong, skryf lekker en ons oueres sal dit sonder moeite onthou!

Dit is ook nou ‘n goeie tyd om julle voor te stel aan ‘n paar mense wat op een of ander manier betrokke is by Meelbroeke.  Hulle gesiggies gaan nou wel nie hierby verskyn nie, maar as jy ons by die feeste ondersteun, sou jy meeste van hulle al daar raakgeloop het.  Sonder hulle, sou ek gesukkel het om al die punte bymekaar te kry!

Henning, my ander helfte.  My klankbord, leningskonstultant en raadgewer!  Die raad en ondersteuning wat ek van jou kry, is van onskatbare waarde!

Santa, my sus.  My regterhand (soms albei hande!) by feeste.  Saam het ons al baaaaaie kilometers gery, baie gelag, BAIE hard gewerk, poegaai op die kampbedjies geval en more lyfseer aangegaan!  Elke oomblik ‘n goue oomblik!

Thomas, Jaco en Dienkie, my kinders. 

Thomas, die meesterbrein agter die webwerf en sosiale media bestuurder.  Ek kan maar net fotos, blogposts en idees vir hom stuur en hy laat die “magic” gebeur.  Jy is onmisbaar!

Jaco, die beste bemarker wat ek voor kon vra, in besonder by Innibos.  Dankie dat jy bereid is om jou alter ego op die voorgrond te sit wanneer jy ‘n meelbroek aantrek.  Die pret en plesier wat soos ‘n wolkie om jou hang, is ‘n opkikker vir ons almal!

Dienkie wat nie skroom om die ouer garde én die jongeres terstond nader te sleep vir oortuiging nie.  Jou positiewe geaardheid en sonnige persoonlikheid raak ons almal aan!

Estelle, hierdie Meelbroek malligheid is alles jou skuld!  Of dalk liewer die Meelbroek sukses?  Hoe dit ookal is, jy is my aanhitser, my muse, en my baie eerlike en reguit raadgewer.  Ek kan nie my lewe indink sonder jou nie!

En dan, die onsigbares…..die mense wat agter die naaimasjiene sit, dankie vir julle aandeel. Sonder julle was daar immers geen Meelbroeke nie!

Hierdie besondere jaar, 2020, hou reeds groot belofte in vir Meelbroeke!  Ons gaan ‘n paar nuwe feeste doen, hou maar net die webwerf en ons sosiale media blaaie dop vir meer inligting.  Daar gaan ook moontlik nuwe items op die rak verskyn, in die tweede helfte van die jaar en hier sal veral die manne ‘n kansie kry tot iets vir hulle!

As jy in Limpopo woon, of binnekort by die Haenertsburg Berry Festival gaan kuier, ons skop die jaar af met hierdie lekker nuwe een!  1-2 Februarie.

Ons hoop dat ons jou binnekort by ‘n fees gaan raakloop, die kalender word vol!

Tot dan, wees veilig, werk lekker, kuier op die stoep met grooooot koppies koffie en soet namiddag-drankies.  Sit lewe in die tyd wat jou gegun word om te leef!




After an interesting look at what happens in November all over the world, I discovered that 4 November is Use Your Common Sense Day.   Now since we all know that it is common sense that everyone should own some Snowflake or Bokomo items, whether it is a cargo, baggie, dress, dungaree or apron, I thought it appropriate that there should be not one, but two competitions, because it is also Movember!

This is how it will be done:

1. You are asked to upload photos on our Instagram account Meelbroeke, or Facebook Page Meelbroeke. 

2. Let’s keep the Common Sense photos for the ladies and Movember for the men, for obvious reasons. 

3. Upload images for Common Sense on the 4th of November 2019, else it will not be taken into consideration.

4. One Common Sense female winner will be announced on 6 November 2019 on all platforms. R100 shipping included in the prize.

5. Closing date for Movember photos is 01 December 2019. You have a month to grow that irresistible Meelbroek moustache or beard!

6. One Movember male winner will be announced on 2 December 2019 on all platforms.  R100 shipping included in the prize.

7. You have to wear ONE Bokomo or Snowflake garment on the photo that you upload.

8. The prize will be the same item that you are wearing on the photo, in a colour of your choice, from the Bokomo or Snowflake colour range.

9. Credit will be given for creativity, or the place where the photo was taken.  (There should be something in the photo that is typical of such a place, or a name that makes it recognizable.)

Get those creative juices flowing and show us interesting ways to wear it, or where to be seen with the most comfortable clothing known to human kind!  Remember that we will be using it on our social media pages as well as website. 

Other news is that there will be an opportunity to get yourself a Meelbroek on 2 November 2019, we are at the KAAPSEHOOP MARATHON, at Mbombela Stadium, where the athletes start the run.  And to top it all off, the super great, long awaited news is that Snowflake will be available in Kaapsehoop at the Kaapsehoop Scootours Office.   

Another reminder of the shops where Snowflake is available:

Pongola : Just Blossom

Bloemfontein : Blomkind Hippie Shop, Langenhovenpark    Blomkind Hippieshop Facebook Page

Struisbaai : Beach Bliss, by Aida

Kaapsehoop : Kaapsehoop Scootours Office  Kaapsehoop Scootours Facebook Page

Shaka’s Rock : TASPA “The Hippie Shop”  TASPA “The Hippie Shop” Facebook Page

Piketberg : Total Winkelshoek N7  Total Winkelshoek


Meelbroeke hou my op die pad.  Weg van my huis, my mense my honde.  Baie soos sangers en ander reisigers.  Dus is die tuiskoms ná ‘n afwesigheid van ‘n week of twee, altyd soos daardie warm kombers van geborgenheid wat om my vou, die “Ahhhhhhh”-gevoel, die liefde wat ek hier om my voel draai. 

Die tye oppad is tog die tye wanneer ek dink.  Oor Meelbroeke, en veral Snowflake, se toekoms.  En oor die afgelope fees, oor die volgende een, en alles wat tussenin moet gebeur.  Oordenking, besinning en herbesinning.

Iets links voor in die pad vang my oog – ‘n stokou gôgô en vermoedelik haar kleinseun of selfs agterkleinseun.  Sy, krom van ouderdom, toegedraai in veelkleurige lappe, gesig verkreukel, pakkies op die rug, hand geklem om ‘n tuisgemaakte stok-kierie.  Hy, ongeveer agt of nege jaar oud, ronde wangetjies, kort, stewige lyf, blink oë, sy hand styf in Ouma se ander hand.  Hulle is oppad.  Waarheen, dit weet ek nie.  En teen 120km/uur, staan die wêreld vir my ‘n oomblik stil, asof gepause midde-in ‘n fliek.  Ons almal jaag ons byna dood.  Ons staan vroeg op, om laataand tuis te kom.  Ons leef oor die algemeen goed, daar is min wat ons nodig het en ons het baie wat ons nie nodig het nie.  Iewers verloor ons egter iets.  Iets langs die pad.  Die hiatus.  Daardie oomblik waarin alles tot stilstand kom, die sfeer waarin niks gesê hoef te word nie, waarin woorde onnodig is.  Ons verloor midde ons pogings om te oorleef, die goue oomblikke van eenvoud.  Om saam met Ouma te stap, die sonsondergang raak te sien, oë toe, daardie slukkie koffie te waardeer!  Ek is skuldig.  Die pogings om Snowflake op Meelbroeke se rak te kry, die min slaap, tye waarin telefoonoproepe, WhatsApp boodskappe en eposse my die mooi om my laat verloor.

Baie dankie vir die oorweldigende reaksie op die webwerf.   Ek probeer so gou moontlik op alle navrae  reageer.  Wees asseblief geduldig, ek bedryf ‘n eenvrou-besigheid, die antwoord op ‘n epos mag dalk bietjie sloer.  En ons is grootliks uitverkoop ná  Aardklop, voorraad sal weer teen die eerste week in November aangevul wees.  Elke item word handgemaak en gekleur, dit is nie massaproduksie nie, en neem langer om te voltooi as iets wat net van ‘n rak in ‘n afdelingswinkel gehaal word en nog na China ruik!

Só is Aardklop in ‘n ommesientjie verby!  Mense en was dit besig!  Dankie vir ieder en elk wat daar was…..vir elkeen se bydrae en heelhartige ondersteuning.  Die “ooh”s en “aah”s oor die dungarees en rokkies!  Dit het my wildste verwagtinge oortref!  Sonder júlle, die Meelbroek-liefhebbers, sou dit nie moontlik wees nie.  Dankie aan elke vreemdeling wat ‘n vriend geword het.  Dankie vir julle, wat nie konformeer nie, nie gewoon is nie, maar buitengewoon!  Júlle maak al die harde werk en opofferings die moeite werd!

Ek is tuis vir 4 dae voordat die wiele weer rol.  Daar is immers Meelbroeke wat gekleur en versend moet word! J  Snowflake is nou ook beskikbaar by Blomkind Hippieshop in Langenhovenpark, Bloemfontein asook Beach Bliss, Struisbaai. 

Mag jy ‘n hiatus ervaar in die gejaagdheid van ons lewe!  Mag jy die Meelbroek-kleure van die lewe in sy volle intensiteit ervaar, kom ons maak tyd om dit raak te sien!

Groetnis tot volgende keer.